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Plano DWI Lawyer

Providing Experienced Texas Criminal Defense

An arrest for DWI could bring about a number of serious consequences. As a four time Texas Super Lawyer and a lead DWI attorney in the field and one of the only lawyers to practice DWI exclusively in Plano, you can trust that your case will be represented by an experienced attorney.

When you come to The Law Office of Troy P. Burleson, you will quickly learn that it is my priority to see you succeed. The driving force at this firm is the individual satisfaction of each client; I fight aggressively to make that happen, no matter what kinds of charges you may be facing. With years of experience in the field, I know the stakes are high when facing a DWI charge. However, a conviction is not necessary. I want to be your advocate as you seek to fight the charges. Do not let one mistake ruin your life, retain the assistance of an experienced Plano DWI lawyer with a history of successful case results.

Understanding the Severity of a DWI Charge

It is not at all uncommon for an arrest to be made for DWI after a police stop and field sobriety tests have been conducted. However, it is more than common for these tests to yield inaccurate portrayals of a person's true level of intoxication. While breath & blood tests produce more reliable readings, it is never out of the realm of possibility for a person's BAC to read higher than it truly is, especially when these tests are conducted inaccurately or the devices used for such readings have not been properly cared for.

These are crucial components that can make or break your case, but only if your attorney is familiar with the best ways to go about producing results given information such as this. Therefore, I cannot stress enough how vitally important it is to the outcome of your case, and hence your entire future, to ensure that you have obtained a defense lawyer that can effectively address all of the nuances of your case, from the most minute detail to the most obvious one.

Do you need a Texas DWI attorney?

Prior to coming to my firm, many clients are unaware that prosecutors are required to win no fewer than 70% of cases to maintain their jobs or get promoted. Since my time in practice, I have consistently won well over 70% of the cases I represent, making other prosecutors shy away from ever having to come face-to-face with me in the courtroom. Rather than lose a case in court, prosecutors are often eager to offer my clients lower plea bargains, case dismissals, alternative sentencing, or even bench trials.

Results Speak for Themself: My career highlights as a Frisco, Texas DWI Super Lawyer include:

  • 500+ DWI trials to verdict;
  • 300+ NOT GUILTY verdicts;
  • Hundreds of DWI cases DISMISSED or Reduced;
  • Thousands of successful plea bargains.

I urge you to call my office. I offer a free case evaluation as a first step, because I want to provide a way for potential clients to understand where they stand before jumping into the legal process. Please do not wait to fill out the form to the best of your ability and send it my way.

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The sooner you contact my office the better it is for the overall success of your case.

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